Year Over Year Home Sales Up 7% In Tampa

For 9 of the past 10 months, Tampa home sales continue to outshine their performance in 2010. The number of homes selling each month in Tampa has been gaining strength since September 2008, and the September home sales report shows another great month.

There were 7.3% more homes sold this year in September than in September of last year, which has helped reduce the number of homes for sale in Tampa, and the market seems to be gaining each month against the imbalance of real estate supply and demand.

Year Over Year Home Sales In Tampa Florida

In the graph above, green vertical lines show when a gain in year over year home sales, while red vertical lines show a decline. The measurement of year over year home sales is simply comparing the number of homes sold each month with its corresponding month from the prior year (for example, September 2011 shows an increase when compared to September 2010).

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