Now Is When People Move In Tampa

I was curious about when people move in Tampa, you know, what time of year is more active than others in the Tampa real estate market. So I went to the Tampa MLS and pulled all of the sales for the past five years. What I found was not too surprising, and now is actually the time of year that people are moving.

By producing a seasonality index for the Tampa real estate market, I found that the most active time of year for people to contract to buy a home is April and May, and the busiest month of the year for them to make the move is June. The following real estate graph shows a seasonality index for the Greater Tampa real estate market based upon home sales in the Tampa MLS.

Greater Tampa Florida Seasonality Index Graph

March through August appear to be the “busy season” for Tampa Homebuyers, but across the board, Tampa appears to be a fairly stable market and does not show huge seasonal swings like some of the snowbird markets around the State and County. I guess is has something to do with the weather :).

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