Year Over Year Home Sales In Tampa Shows 18% Growth

With all the troubles the housing market has faced and is facing, it is always nice to be able to show a positive report in real estate. The year over year home sales report shows that Tampa posted an 18% gain in home sales in March 2011 versus March 2010. This is very significant as last year the market was buoyed by the Homebuyer Tax Credit, yet this year without the stimulus, sales have grown.

Year Over Year Home Sales Graph Tampa Florida Image

In the graph above, each month is compared to its corresponding month from the prior year. If the months is graphed downward in red, then it shows a year over year decline in home sales. If the month is graphed upwards in green, then it shows a year over year rise in home sales in Tampa. Currently, we have seen gains for the previous four months. and gains in 26 of the last 30 months.

The Tampa housing market is showing very good signs of recovery, but as previous reports have shown, the buyers market continues with over 8 months supply of homes available in the market. Stay tuned as we report the changes in the Tampa real estate market.

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