Majestic Oaks And Spanish Moss – Tallahassee Is A Different Florida

Having been born and raised in Tallahassee, I can tell you this is a city of happy residents. We love our canopy roads, our active lifestyle, and our highly regarded parks and recreation areas. We are very proud of our beautiful city, and others have taken notice.

Tallahassee – A Mingling Of Charm And Technology

Named “An All American City” in 1999, Florida’s capital is a dichotomy of aged majestic oaks and a commitment to downtown development and revitalization. Tallahassee is home to Florida State University, Florida A&M University, beautiful Maclay Gardens and so much more. We have Bobby Bowden and Mike Martin, and so many other national treasures. Tallahassee is Florida, but with a southern accent!

The Joy of Living Well In Tallahassee

From art to engineering and high-tech labs to war memorials, the Tallahassee area has an abundance of attractions including one of the world’s deepest freshwater springs, a wildlife habitat, fascinating museums of history and the largest magnet in the world. Sidewalk cafes, gourmet dining and nightlife abound, and the city has many eclectic art districts to visit. The Tallahassee area also boasts America’s largest concentration of original plantations with 300,000 acres and 71 sprawling properties to explore. Over 306 miles of hiking, biking and walking trails in and around Tallahassee provide plenty of action for the outdoor enthusiast along with nearby fishing and hunting adventures and so much more.

While so much of Florida is dedicated to tourism, Tallahassee is often compared to southern Georgia. Rolling hills, spanish moss, and two hundred year old oak trees give visitors a hint that this is no palm tree laden beach, but rather a mecca for those who seek the good things in life.

As you can see, Tallahassee residents have the art of living well down to a science. And you can too! Find everything you could want in a community … in Tallahassee … Florida with a southern accent!

Joe Manausa, MBA is a Leon County native who has helped families buy a home in Tallahassee for more than twenty years, and the Tallahassee Real Estate Website is the top resource for information on Tallahassee real estate.

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